Prudence Pet Supplements Testimonials

Thank you Prudence and Mr. Cody Hines for the hip and joint formula. My Daschund Oscar suffered a back injury. After several months of expensive medications, and our vet telling us to put him down, we discovered your product. Oscar was still able to move around, but he was very timid and cautious acting. After a couple of months on hip and joint, he got his step back. We love the results, thanks for giving our friend back to us. -Mike
My golden retriever has been on Prudence hip and joint for two months now and she is a new dog. She really has a new spring in her step. Thank you!!!! – Brad M.
I have been using the supplements for my senior cats & have noticed an improvement in the quality of their coats. I really liked the “spray on” stuff best (very easy to use!!). – Sarah V.
This product is great! I have noticed a big change in my Golden Retriever’s hair after using the skin and coat oil for 3 weeks. The shine and softness are back!
I began using Bergans Prudence Ultimate Hip & Joint Powder on my 12 year old dog about 4 weeks ago, and it has transformed her into the dog we haven’t seen much of in the past couple of years as she became more stiff and sore. She went from a dog that struggled to stand and go down stairs, to chasing rabbits and “hunting” with our other dogs all over our 10 acres again. I have used glucosamine supplements without any real results and was rather skeptical about this product working, but within THREE days the improvement we saw was both obvious and amazing. So pleased to have tried this product and so grateful for the pain-free days it is giving my dog! -Lisa( review)
Can really tell a difference with my dog. Gets around much better after taking this product for the last year! -Heather( review)
This has been a great supplement for our 13 year old dog, she seems to be a little less stiff and that makes us happy. -Laura( review)