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We are Bergan

  • Cody Hines
    Central Territory Sales
  • Amanda Riley
    Customer Development
  • Becky Shirley
    Customer Development/Supply Chain
  • Dana Williams
  • David Price
    Product Development
  • Kirk Dixon
    Product Development
  • Mikaela Hicks
    West Coast Territory Sales
  • Tammy Becker
    Customer Development
  • Chris McKinzie
  • Zeb Madsen
    East Coast Territory Sales
  • Todd Stolte
    Product Development
  • Tom Jackson
  • Tiffany Eads
    Product Development
  • Melanie Abbott
    Customer Development
  • Diane Kelley
  • Laura Crawford
    Supply Chain / Logistics
  • Terry Spunaugle
    Supply Chain / Quality Control
  • Eddie Waggoner

Bergan is anything but traditional. Structurally, we have no titles, complicated organization systems or traditional hierarchy.  Bergan is built on the bold idea that people are inspired by a clear sense of direction not a prescribed list of actions or tasks. We believe if the right things are in focus, individuals will do the right thing and that discovering ones passion is not only important to job satisfaction but a critical precursor to high expectations.
We live and work toward the vision of being: Fun, Inventive, Quantum and Sustainable.  Our objective is to have fun while we develop active lifestyle solutions for dog and cat owners.  Innovation is an objective within our structures, systems and processes as much as it is in our products.

What does this mean to you; our customers?  In practice these philosophies yield unusually bold projects for a small company.  It’s why our employees accepted the huge challenge to fill the void for a pet travel harness durability safety standard, igniting a national movement to inspire responsible pet travel and work on concepts that mold into award winning products.  Often writing standards and designing safe quality products doesn’t provide an immediate financial return, but supports our vision when it’s the right thing to do.
We believe our products should help you create “experiences” with your pet.  Whether they are day to day activities or unforgettable journeys…we are convinced our innovation will help make those experiences easier and more enjoyable.

Our customers should not just interact with us just on a tactical level but we believe relationships should be built.  Therefore, we offer the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our products.  At any time or for any reason you are not satisfied with our products you can return them for a replacement.  Yes it is really just that simple!  Feedback is the backbone of our product development process.  If you have questions, ideas or suggestions we want to hear them.  Call our Consumer Relationship team at 866-217-9606 anytime.

Our Creed


Life is work AND play; not work OR play. Creative energy is highest when both are engaged. This will be a fun place to live as much as work.


Take bold inventive steps in every aspect of life. What is possible cannot be determined by opinions, but only by attempt.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”
– Goethe


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are a learning organization respecting that both established truths and new ideas will lead to game-changing innovation and blue oceans of new possibilities.


Embrace, and inspire sustainable social, economic and environmental behaviors to achieve outcomes beyond normal existence.

So Why an Island? A Monkey Island?

Monkey Island got its name during the time the Grand Lake basin, in Oklahoma, was being cleared in 1938. “The Bunch and Lee families went to Tulsa to the Mohawk Park Zoo for a Sunday afternoon outing. In the park there was a small island with a moat around it where the monkeys were kept…” Soon after this visit, a Tulsa World newspaper reporter came through Bernice, Oklahoma and was visiting with Mr. Bunch about the changes the lake would make to the area. Since this area was to be surrounded by water, Mr. Bunch jokingly remarked, “Over there will be the Monkey Island, where the monkeys will be.” In a few days, this report was printed in the Tulsa World and the name stuck. The island has been known as Monkey Island ever since.