Famous Presidential Dogs: 10 Canines of the White House!

No one can deny that one of the most exciting things about a new president and family moving into the white house is learning what dog, or breed, they choose to serve next to them. These canines may not know or understand the luck they have found themselves in as they keep our hardworking president company, but we most definitely appreciate their celebrity status as presidential dogs!

Drunkard, Taster, Tipler and Tipsywashington

We all know the stories of our first national leader, George Washington, but how much do you know about his beloved dogs? These four were his black and tan colored Coonhounds. Apart from their companionship, they also offering their hunting skills to him. He would ride out with intent to foxhunt with his magnificent breed of choice. His love of these dogs did not stop there, though, as he was also a breeder of talented hunting Coonhounds.


Fifth president James Monroe shared the White House with his furry best friend Sebastian the Siberian Husky. The breed’s wolf like appearance may have been what attracted the president to his pet, which is guessed to be his second dog since becoming elected. The stand confident and proud with striking color and beauty. Though no pictures are known of Sebastian and his master, we can imagine the two of them side by side for a photograph.


The famous president who set out to help bring an end to slavery before serving 2 terms in the Oval Office, Ulysses S. Grant was a great animal lover. While he owned many equine friends, it is no doubt that he took Rosie, a mixed breed, as a canine companion.


It is well known that Theodore Roosevelt had a strong connection to the animal kingdom as he kept a large assortment of pets, both domestic and exotic, during his presidency. It is said, though, that Skip, a Rat Terrier mix, was his favorite of his menagerie. He found the dog wondering alone during a bear hunt and immediately fell for the little one. He claimed that the dog had great heart and could stand his ground against anything!

Mountain Boy

Woodrow Wilson’s famous sleek bodied Greyhound companion, Mountain Boy was a childhood best friend. This dog is probably what helped the president gain his love of animals, as later into his presidency he added a herd of sheep, a cat, and a Bull Terrier named Bruce to the white house.

Butterfly, White Tips, Blackie and Streakerthe-kennedy-dogs-clipper-the-german-shepherd-charlie-the-welsh-terrier-wolf-the-irish-wolfhound-shannon-the-irish-spaniel

The Kennedy family was known for their love and kindness to animals, which was easily shown by the various types of pets they kept from ponies and dogs to a rabbit named Zsa Zsa. These four dogs, however, were offspring of their beloved Welsh Terrier named Charlie and mixed breed named Pushinka.


The aptly named Golden Retriever, companion of 38th president Gerald Ford. Photos often depict the president working with his faithful dog lying by his side and swimming in the pool with the first family. One puppy from a litter she had was kept by Ford and named Misty. Liberty lived to age 10.


This Chocolate Labrador Retriever quickly became popular with his ever wagging tail at Bill Clinton’s side. He was acquired by the president from a county shelter as a 3 month old puppy and named after Clinton’s late uncle. The dog had only a short life, passing away at age 5 after an incident with a car.

Miss Beazley140517-miss-beazley-02_ce0ef72a6b194609a117abb5f9d40c6a

As a gift to his wife for her birthday, Miss Beazley settled into the white house next to the Bush family along with the other pets. Miss Beazley was a Scottish Terrier born from a sire named Clinton. She was featured in a Christmas video as a celebration for her first Christmas with the presidential family. Today she still lives with her family in Texas. Miss Beazley passed away May 17, 2014.

Bo and Sunny7592305558_ac3bffefb8_k

A first of their breed to grace the white house, these two Portugese Water Dogs joined the first family alongside President Barack Obama, his wife and two daughters. These two were not chosen lightly, as the family indulged in learning all they could about the breed before taking the leap into dog ownership. The Obama family was not Bo’s original family, as he was purchased from his breeder and returned. The original family is unknown, but suffice it to say that Bo is a very happy first dog along with his furry friend Sunny.

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