The 5 Luckiest Dogs Of All Time

We may all consider our dogs lucky that they were adopted from a shelter, healed from an injury or won an Agility trial. These dogs, however, are truly the luckiest after the ordeals they have been dealt and the consequences that followed suit.  We could all only hope to be so lucky!

1. Dosha the Miracle Dog

She made national news when Dosha, a mixed breed, went through multiple traumas and thought dead only to seemingly come back from the brink and recover. This little tan dog was hit by a car in front of her owner’s home. That was her first terrible trauma. Seemingly gravely injured, a police officer drew his weapon and shot her in the head. Presumed dead, the officer escorted her body to animal control where she was then put into an orange bag and into a freezer. Two cold hours went by before a veterinarian opened the freezer door to find Dosha standing in her bag waiting to be rescued.  As it turned out, the incident with the car left only minor injuries, the gun shot only went through flesh and not into her skull, and the freezing probably did the most damage to her.  She was given immediate vet care, made a full recovery and made it back home to her family!

2. Rosie the Survivorimage

This little Chihuahua quickly rose to fame on social networks in part to her heartbreaking story, happy ending, and of course the deformities that made her entire life challenging.  In Rosie’s photos, you can see her lack of hair, needle pointed nose with no bottom jaw, and her crystal blue eyes. This little one is quite a lucky pooch after she was rescued from a hoarding situation in which 20 other dogs were rescued with her. While some of her canine friends may have been born missing one or two legs, Rosie was missing so much more. She was forced to fend for herself, scooting her malformed body along urine soaked flooring in search of bits of food the others missed in the chaos of the hoarded home for two years before her rescuers saved her life and gave her a life of medical care, soft blankets, fashionable clothing and lots of love. Unfortunately, Rosie passed away suddenly due to complications of her malformed trachea.

3. Quasi the Monster

Don’t let the title fool you, Quasi is no monster at all! This dog has a disease called scoliosis that caused two large humps on back. His front legs are shorter than his back legs, making him walk a little funny, but today he is keeping up with his doggy friends as they run and play. His happy home did not seem to be in his future in the beginning, though, as he was a stray and reported as a monster running loose on the streets. When some dedicated rescuers pulled together to hunt down this monster and save him from the street they were blessed with his appearance one month after their search began. Many rumors fly around about this dog on the internet from such things as his picture was manipulated using a photo editing program to he was abused and raised in a cage that was too small. Both are completely untrue, even though his appearance will cause anyone to take a second glance.  This dog truly is lucky as, despite his significant deformities, he has a safe and loving forever home to call his own.

4. Oogy the Pit Bullimage

As dog lovers, we cannot say enough negative things about dog fighitng and the suffering it brings to our beloved canine friends.  Oogy is one lucky puppy to have survived the baiting process that dog fighters use to practice their dogs.  The dog that was put onto Oogy was a strong one, as the bite they left on him crushed the lower jaw and severely damaged the left side of his head.  Luckily for this little white pit puppy, a raid occurred not long after he was tossed into a cage and left to bleed to death.  After long hours of surgery and a fight to save his life, Oogy began to heal and met his forever family at the veterinary clinic they had taken their senior kitty to cross the rainbow bridge.  The family reports that he is like their third child, and the happiest dog they have ever met.

5. St. Patrick the Luckiest Dog in the World

If you search for photos of this little brown dog on the Internet, you’ll find disturbing photos of what looks like a dead dog laying on an exam table. The body lifeless, dull, looking like skin tightly bound over tiny bone lays stiff and looks like the dog had been gone for some time. However, this dog is very much alive and suffering the cruelty that his owner thrust upon him. Only a puppy, he was starved nearly to death, dehydrated and carried with him a fear of humans.  All of this changed after an apartment maintenance man was taking out garbage and noticed one of the garbage bags moving. Opening it up he discovered St. Patrick, almost dead and with little hope.  With months of veterinary care and an entire group of animal lovers sending in donations from doggy jackets to toys and treats this lucky dog made a full recovery.  Had that maintenance worker not acted quickly and got Patrick help, this dog would have been lost and forgotten. Instead he has a following on social media, made national news and a world full of people he has never met that love him dearly.



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