Healthy Teeth: 5 Tips for Dog’s Dental Health

One of the first things your vet checks during an exam is the state of your canine companion’s dental health.  Gum disease, tarter build up, and a lack of a hygiene regimen can literally be the root of many health ailments, including liver disease!  What can you do besides throw your dog a bone to keep his mouth clean, odor free, and healthy? Follow these 5 tips to begin a healthy tartar free lifestyle for your pooch.

Dachshund dog holding a toothbrush.

 1. Don’t rely on food!

While crunchy kibble bits may remove some of the top layer of plaque on a dog’s teeth, it can actually cause more problems around the gum lines.  It also most certainly does not get rid of the tartar.  The gum line is where most of the damage that can be done to a dog’s mouth tends to occur, as the build up can cause inflammation, infection, and rot in the fleshy parts around his teeth.  Relying solely on your kibble to clean your dog’s teeth is not just ineffective, but may aid in the build up of harmful substances around his gums!

 2. Brushing is for dogs, too!

It may seem weird at first, but brushing your dog’s teeth on a daily basis can remove all the debris his mouth has built up through the day.  Removing these top layers of plaque can prevent it from hardening and turning into a harmful build up that can lead to disease and decay.  Many tooth brushes and tooth pastes exist on the market today made specifically for dogs.  Training your dog to accept a toothbrush nightly is a fun and easy task, especially with meaty flavored paste!

 3. Consider natural bones

In the wild, the domestic dog’s ancestors did not have the luxury of a human brushing their teeth for them. Instead, they would use the bones of their prey and even some rocks (in which they would obtain essential minerals from) as chew toys that naturally cleaned their teeth.  Today, we have the option of using a raw diet that contains raw meaty bones.  The chewing involved in eating a raw meaty bone, along with a dental care regimen, scrapes away any plaque and debris, prevents tartar, and keeps your pup happy!

 4. Routine deep cleanings

We humans tend to utilize the cleaning abilities of our professional dental care specialists on a regular basis. Usually, we will visit at least once a year, sometimes twice a year so that they may clean those hard to reach places we cannot get to.  They will also scrap away the tartar build up that our toothbrushes can’t get a grip on. This is no different for our pets! Veterinarians are capable of providing this same service for our precious pooches to keep any and all dental problems at bay.

5. Stay observant!

If your dog is suffering from any dental health problems, he cannot simply tell you or complain about the pain he is in. Instead, it is up to you to keep tabs on the condition of of teeth and gums and take action when needed.  This should be easily done if you are brushing his teeth every day, and you will quickly notice any tart build up, gum bleeding, swelling or soreness.

Make use of more than just one of these tips, and use them all if you can! Keeping your dog healthy goes beyond his diet and exercise, but much of it lies within the hygeine of his mouth.  Poor oral health could lead to more serious conditions that can even become life threatening. Don’t let your pooch suffer from dental disease and pain. You can do your own research and learn more ways to keep your dog’s mouth healthy and pearly white!

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