Dog Treat Recall: An All Natural USA Made Option


Check the tag on your shirt. Chances are it was made outside the USA. The vast majority of the products we use every day are imported from countries where labor is cheap and factories go, for the most part, unregulated.  If you check the shelves at the grocery store you will even find an alarming number of the foods we eat are now being imported.  This rings especially true for pet foods and pet treats.  Because pet foods and treats are generally made of bi-products and fillers from waste materials that humans won’t consume, it is relatively cheap to manufacture and import from overseas.

What’s in Your Dog’s Treats?

The frightening reality is that many pet foods and treats contain some pretty disgusting ingredients made in unsanitary factories in foreign countries.  The result of these ingredients and poor manufacturing processes has led to thousands of our beloved pets becoming deathly sick.  A lengthy investigation from over 600 pet deaths and 3600 illnesses has led to an FDA recall caused by salmonella poisoning, mainly in jerky-style treats.  Most of these dog treats affected by the recall were manufactured in China and imported by pet food companies into the United States.  The effects on your pet are excruciating, from vomiting and massive diarrhea to full out kidney failure, resulting in death.

 What has Been Recalled

If you are concerned about which treats are pinpointed in the FDA recall, please visit this site for up-to-date alerts on active and past recalls.  There are reports that some treats are being investigated that are currently not on the list until a final determination can be made so it is a good idea to check the site often and follow the FDA’s recommendations on how to dispose of affected treats and what symptoms to look for.

 Why Bergan Cares

At Bergan, we are proactive pet owners and take pride in making products that are safe and healthy for your pet.  We started the grassroots movement in pet travel safety with where you can pledge to travel responsibly with their pets.  We are innovators in pet enjoyment with products like the #1 YouTube’d cat toy on the market, the Turbo Scratcher. We came to market with Prudence Nature’s Wellness, one of the first lines of pet supplements backed by in-depth research and science.  We recently realized the importance of healthy, sustainable dog treats and have subsequently launched our new line of Natural Rewards Dog Treats.

Why Natural Rewards Dog Treatstasty-feast

So, what makes Natural Rewards Dog Treats so much better, you ask? It’s simple; real ingredients like USA chicken as the main ingredient.  No by-products, fillers, chemicals or chemical preservatives. Your dog receives only the best and freshest ingredients with each bag of treats.  And best of all, they are fortified with our proprietary blend of Prudence Supplements to support specific nutritional needs of your dog.  The ingredients list reads like a delicious feast of nutritional goodness: Chicken, Potatoes, Peas, Molasses, Tapioca, Krill Oil, Fish Oil, Coconut Oil, Omega 3 & 6, DHA and NEM (Natural Egg Membrane).  Natural Rewards Treats are made in the USA in food-grade facilities and stored in special FDA-approved facilities.

 You Get What You Pay For Still Holds True

You have to pay a little bit more for better ingredients, but your dog’s health and your peace of mind are priceless.  Head on over to to get your hands (and your dog’s paws) on some of the best and healthiest treats available.

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