Halloween Safety Tips for Dog Owners


The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are on their way down, and the spookiest day of the year is just around the corner!   Pet safety is always a high priority for us at Bergan so we’ve put together a few tips to help you keep your four legged pals safe this Halloween.

Some Treats Dogs Should Not Eat

Remember that a lot of foods we humans consider treats are unsafe for pets.  Chocolate can kill dogs and xylitol is dangerous as well, so please don’t give your furry friend people treats this Halloween.

Instead consider making her some homemade treats or for a truly delicious, seriously wholesome snack, try out our new line of Natural Rewards Dog Treats!

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Natural Rewards feature all natural ingredients using real chicken and nothing artificial.

A Dog’s Instinct is to Protect You

Dogs are protective by nature so having strangers turn up out our doors dressed in strange costumes could be a recipe for trouble.  Either keep your dog in another part of

the house or keep him on a leash while you are welcoming trick or treaters.


Bergan offers an outstanding line of leashes made with total comfort and safety in mind for both you and your dog.

Don’t Let Them Get Spooked

If you plan on taking your dog out trick or treating of course you’ll want to use a leash, but you might also consider putting reflective leg bands on your pooch as well.


They will alert motorists to your pet’s presence and help prevent any accidents.  They’ll also come in handy for those long winter nights when your dog needs to get out for some exercise.

Decorations Do Not Make Good Chew Toys

Be cautious with the decorations you use.  Don’t leave wires where your pet could chew on them and keep lighted candles out of the reach of pets.

Dogs and Costumes May Not Mix

If your pet will be sporting a costume this year, there are a couple things to keep in mind.  First, if your pet seems at all uncomfortable or stressed in the costume it’s wise to just forgo it.  Make sure there is nothing on the costume that could pose a choking hazard and that movement and breathing are not restricted.

Keep Them Tagged

Keep identification on your pet just in case he escapes or gets lost during all the excitement.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

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