How to Train Your Dog to Sit, Stay and Walk on a Leash

treats-trainingAll animals seem to possess very distinct personalities and this is especially true for canines. Training a dog sometimes is hard work especially if you have given them free reign in the past. Dogs can act out emotions like children; they can be temperamental, sneaky, sad or happy.

The best way to train your dog is to be aware of his personality. Once you understand the animal then training him becomes much simpler. Animals communicate in the same way as humans do; by listening, responding and taking cues. Follow these simple steps and you could be on your way to a properly trained pooch.


The first and fundamental point of dog training is to reward them for execution of commands. Teaching your dog to sit, stand and roll over requires patience. To teach these basic commands make sure your dog is not distracted by other members of the family; be it canine or human. When teaching the dog to sit, first say the command then place the dog in the sitting position. Offer him a treat and reaffirm his compliance by complimenting him with words like ‘good dog, or ‘good boy/girl’. Continue this routine for about 10-15 minutes each day.


Have your dog sit or stand in front of you. Say the command. Offer him a treat when he executes it. Repeat this until he gets the hang of it. Next, say the command, and then back away slowly and deliberately while repeating the command. If he stays, offer him the treat.  Show him affection and reaffirm that he is a ‘good boy/girl’.

Walking on a Leash

Ideally, your dog should walk next to you and not be distracted by people, traffic or other animals. When training your dog to walk on a leash hold the leash short and firm so he takes the cue that he has to walk by your side. Utter your commands and reward him when he gets it right. Repeating this every day, as consistency, is the key. If he should tug on the leash to get away, firmly reciprocate (not violently) until he is back in the desired position, while saying the command. Offer him a treat and compliment him.

Only one person should train the dog at a time to avoid him being confused. Clear concise commands should be given and always reward him for compliance.

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