Bergan Announces New Cat Toys and Accessories

Our best selling and most well-known product line is just about to get even better! We are rolling out a fun new line of accessories for our popular Turbo Scratcher and Star Chaser toys. These cat toys have been a hit with cats everywhere for years and now we’ve come up with some exciting new Turbo Scratcher Accessories and Attachments to add to the play possibilities for your kitty! We also have launched two other toys that are very affordable, yet loaded with endless hours of fun for your cat.

Turbo Grooming Arch

turbo-archFirst in the lineup is the new Turbo Grooming Arch. Simply attach this arch to your Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser and let your cat discover her new personal massager. The rubber nubs attached to the arch will not only provide a massage when your kitty passes through, but will help rid her of excess fur. Here’s to less cat hair on the couch!

Turbo Jungle


Next is the Turbo Jungle, a cool new item that you attach to the outside perimeter of the Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser. Cats love to hide and play in the grass, so we thought we’d bring that fun indoors! Now your kitty can use the grass as cover and sneak up on that beguiling ball!

Whirly Pop


Here is an exciting cat toy that is low cost but high energy, the Whirly Pop offers stimulating play by “popping” up and rolling with a life like tail as cats bat it around.  Stimulates cat’s instinct for pouncing, hunting and playing. Check out this video for more on how it works:

Catnip Jack


Staying on the topic of low cost and high energy, The all new Catnip Jack allows cat owners to soak a wick weaved through the toy in catnip oil.  Watch the cat go crazy over the catnip aroma and the constant movement of the large sized jack!

Turbo Assorted Ball Pack


And last, we have the new Turbo Assorted Ball Pack. You get two new balls for use in your Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser. One is a motion activated light ball, and don’t you just know your cat will go crazy for that? The other is a clear ball that you can fill with whatever you choose. We have included some options—two marbles, two jingle bells, and a little package of catnip.

We’re pretty excited about these new products and hope you and your kitty will find the perfect new accessory to keep play time exciting! Or get all three and really turbo charge your cat’s fun!


  1. My cat absolutely loves the pulp lounger. She finally wore it out. Any plans to make them again or a resource to any left over.

  2. My cat also loves the pulp lounger scratcher! I really hope they come back, I’ve been looking all over for them! Please bring them back!

  3. My cat LOVES the whirly pop. If I could buy them in bulk, I absolutely would. She plays with them until the tail is gone, and then plays with them a little more. When I bring a new one home, she gets excited the second I pull it out of my bag.

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