Four Ways Our Pets Make Us Healthier

pets-make-us-healthyThere’s nothing like coming home to the exuberant affection of a pet to make us feel loved and happy after a long day at work.  Our animal friends have the wonderful ability to just make us feel good; make us forget our worries and experience moments of pure pleasure.  Mankind has likely known this to be true for millennia, but in the last couple of decades scientific research has proved it to be true:  pet ownership really does make us healthier.  Read on to learn just a few of the ways this is true.

Good For Your Heart

Pet owners typically experience lower stress levels, lower cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure than those who don’t have a pet at home.  Pets can also reduce your chance of having a heart attack or stroke.  For those who have had a heart attack, dog companionship has been shown to increase longevity afterward.

Good For Your Mood

Being with your pet triggers the release of a hormone called oxytocin, nicknamed “the love hormone.”  All kinds of wonderful benefits result from this, such as reduced rates of depression and higher self esteem.  Another mood-lifting result of pet ownership is increased social interaction.  Taking a cute pooch out for a walk often attracts people and creates an ice breaker.

Good For Your Fitness Level

Having a pet that needs to be active means you’re far more likely to stay active too, and reap the benefits with a trimmer waistline.

Good For Your Kids

Having a pet in the home has actually been shown to reduce allergies in children.  Exposure to furry animals specifically during the first year of life greatly reduces the chance of the child becoming allergic to them later.  Another great benefit for kids is the stress relief animals provide, an important factor for today’s busy and often over scheduled youth.


Is it any wonder we love our pets so much?  They never stop giving back, even in ways we may not be aware of!

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