Comfort Carriers Allow for Convenient Pet Travel

Your Pet Can comfort-carriersTravel in Comfort and Style!

With summer and all the travel plans that come with it just around the corner many pet owners are in need of a comfortable, safe, and convenient solution for transporting their furry companions.  We at Bergan have put extensive research into developing the perfect carrier that will meet all your needs for traveling with your pet.


Dubbed Comfort Carriers™, these carriers really live up to their name.  From the cozy, washable, fleece bed to the generous mesh panels which allow superior breath-ability, your pet is sure to have a cool and comfortable ride.  Another exciting comfort feature is our exclusive Pet Connect™ which allows you to access your pet through a small zippered opening.   This prevents escape attempts that may happen as a result of opening the door of the carrier and allows you and your pet to stay connected during travel.  For travel by car, our Safety-Belt Loop can be secured with any seat belt and will keep your pet safe and stable.


But the comfort features don’t end with your pet; we designed these carriers with your comfort and convenience in mind as well.  They are extremely light weight and offer padded shoulder straps, making them a breeze to carry.  And with multiple roomy pockets, you will always have a place for all those supplies, such as treats, toys, and leashes.



Our Signature Series Comfort Carriers™ offer additional features which will appeal to certain types of pet owners.  Some small animals can be particularly hyper when confined to a small space and may try to break free.  With this in mind we designed the Hyper Paw Barrier™, which removes escape worries with extra protection around the zipper.  Another feature of our Signature Series is a drop down front panel that reveals a full mesh wall for maximum ventilation.


Whether you like to take your pet on jaunts around the town, long road trips, or just need a carrier to get your companion back and forth to the vet, our Comfort Carriers™ are just right.  They are airline compliant as well so you can feel confident flying with your furry friend.

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  1. Where can I purchase a replacement snap on wheel for the Bergan wheeled comfort carrier for cats?

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